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Vocal Folds Growth… How dangerous is it, and what could happen if untreated?

Posted BY :-Diana Yampolsky

Lately, I have more and more inquiries about almost all kinds of growth on the vocal folds (vocal cords). The most “popular” inquiry is about vocal polyps. Over the years, I, non-surgically, have treated all kinds of unpleasant vocal disorders, and I have to say that the polyps are the most stubborn of all. Moreover, they have tendencies to multiply even after they have been removed surgically.

The good example of that would be the case of a singer named John Mayor. Polyps have some kind of a viral nature, apposed to nodes and nodules. I believe that due to that, they could multiply and multiply fast. I also know the cases where those nasty polyps turned cancerous. Not too long ago, I got a phone call from an apparently quite known solo Artist’s husband. According to him, his wife, solo guitar player and singer, was diagnosed with a polyp on the vocal cord 6 years ago. She was offered a surgical removal of the polyp, which she refused profusely and just continued with her busy schedule of vocal/guitar performances.

Evidently, she was not looking for any solution, including non-surgical, or any other for that matter. Meanwhile, her voice was deteriorating gradually and eventually, subsided to the point that she could hardly speak, let alone sing. At this point, she had no other choice as to agree to have the surgery and have that polyp removed. During such surgery, when any growth is to be removed, the doctors send it to pathology in order to verify that it is benign, or conclude otherwise. Unfortunately, in her case, the test came back malignant. The husband of the aforementioned person had passed the phone over to her to speak to me. That was 2 months after the surgery was performed and I still could not make out any words that she was saying.

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The 90 Second Fitness Solution

Posted By:- Renee Allert

Are you following a Fitness Training Program? No? Not enough time? Let me introduce you to a brilliant fitness strength training – The 90 Second Fitness Solution by Pete Cerqua.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Just 90 seconds and you are fit. The perfect quick fix we are all looking for. It is nearly that good (at least in my opinion).

But hold on, it does not mean that it is once of 90 seconds and you are fit for the rest of your life. How Does This Fitness Training Program Work?

The 90 Second Fitness Solution is basically very simple.

It is a strength training program working with larger groups of muscles (like “your whole body”) compared to individual/isolated muscles when doing for example weights training. And it focuses on isometric exercises (the joint angle and the muscle length do not change)holding your body in one position for up to 90 seconds.

For me one of the main reasons it works is that I don’t have any excuses anymore to not do it on a daily basis.

To start of you do two exercises (plank and wall sit) for up to 90 seconds, five days per week. That means a total of 15min pure workout time per week. Plus the rest time you will take in between the exercises.

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Why Are So Many Smokers Still Smoking?

Tobacco use remains ubiquitous in society, despite its well-publicized vices. Kicking the habit can be a painful ordeal –– however, many smokers don’t even try to give it up.

In a recent study, researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology try to explain why these people continue to smoke in a day and age where the long-term health risks attending the habit are all but impossible to miss. Their findings are published in the journal PLoS One.

In an article published in The New York Times, study authors Eyal Ert and Eldad Yechiam explain how their study rejects the common notion that smokers are inherently drawn to risks.

“Some evidence suggests that smokers do take more risks than nonsmokers,” they write. “They are more often involved in traffic accidents, less likely to wear seat belts and more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior. Women who smoke even have mammograms less frequently than their nonsmoking counterparts.”

“But we don’t believe that smokers have a greater tolerance for risk,” they continue.

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15 dos and don’ts about diet for high uric acid levels

High uric acid level can be reduced with a change in diet. Doctors strongly recommend making simple changes in diet like eliminating beef rolls and choosing green leafy vegetables, cabbage and high fiber foods instead for regulating uric acid levels.

Dr. Sharad Kasarle, chief scientist of DSK Nutrition Research Center Pvt. Ltd helps us with a list of dos and don’ts when choosing the right diet for high uric acid levels.

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