Three Great Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Options

There are many sunglasses manufacturers who deserve the attention for what they are doing to help the environment.  Eco-friendly sunglasses are durable, well made, showcase excellent designs and even come in polarized options.  In fact, no one will ever know that your sunglasses are eco-friendly unless you let them in on the secret!  Let’s take a look at some great eco-friendly eyewear options.

Eco Optics

Eco Optics has quite the claim to fame in that their eyewear are all made for 95% recycled materials.  Topping this off is the fact that Eco Optics also is a supporter of Trees for the Future.  Trees for the Future is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to tree-planting projects for agriculture and land restoration.  Their goal is to help degraded lands so that these lands can assist with helping sequester carbon dioxide.  Rather impressively, Eco Optics currently has 82 different eco-friendly frames available to consumers.  If you want lots of different options in your eco-friendly sunglasses, then Eco Optics is tough to beat!

Blue Planet Eyewear

mor details :-


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