Guide – How to Spar Well in Four Easy Steps

Sparring is a fun way to practice for a karate tournament or other type of martial arts event without actually fighting. It allows you to take all the skills you have learned and apply them to a real situation. In the process, you will gain a deeper understanding of rhythm, timing, coordination, focus, speed and endurance. Many people may be nervous about sparring because of their lack of confidence. Here are five steps to take to make sparring easier and more fun.


 Size Up Your Opponent

Everyone has a different way of fighting. Some prefer to use their hands, while others are kickers. Some are defensive fighters, while others are more aggressive and unafraid to make the first move. That’s why it’s important to size up your opponent before getting too far into the fight. See if he strikes first. If so, he is an offensive fighter. Throw some fake moves at him. Does he block them with his legs or hands? See what techniques he relies on to counter your attacks. This will help you determine what type of fighter he is and how to plan your next move.

Don’t Hesitate

Timing is everything in sparring. Don’t spend too much time planning your next move. When you think of an attack, take action quickly. Fighting is a fast-paced sport and if you wait too long, the opportunity will be lost. The best times to plan an attack are when the opponent is ready to attack or immediately after he finishes an attack. Remember that when an opponent attacks, some of his body will be exposed. Plan an attack on these parts of the body.

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