What is lactic acid build-up

Lactic acid is formed from the breakdown of glucose. One common misconception is that this causes muscle soreness and cramps.
The body produces it whenever it breaks down carbohydrates for energy and can be formed in muscles that are not receiving enough oxygen.  And it is continuously produced and used by many tissues, particularly skeletal muscles.

Have you heard this before?  “A lack of oxygen to muscles leads to lactic acid, leads to fatigue”.  This is refuted by this NY Times article.

Causes of your post-exercise soreness vary from overuse to minor strains to your individual muscle fibers. Despite what you may have heard or read, the culprit is not lactic acid. It’s build-up has been blamed for prolonged muscle fatigue and discomfort; however, this concept is not widely accepted today.

As our bodies perform strenuous exercise, we begin to breathe faster as we attempt to shuttle more oxygen to our working muscles. The body prefers to generate most of its energy using aerobic methods, meaning with oxygen.

more details :- http://www.articlesbase.com/fitness-articles/what-is-lactic-acid-build-up-6740423.html


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