Release Weight and Live a Better Life

For more information on releasing weight forever, grab my free white paper at Are you longing to lose weight and finally be fit and healthy? Do you crave being free from food‘s control over your life? Let me share one of my experiences…about the day I realized I had broken free…

I remember my year in a program that really did give me hope and tools that eventually helped change my life. It was a year-long program with a cohort of other women participating in a transformational health journey. Most of us joined to lose weight, but the coach/owner of the program inspired us to think bigger and deeper than that. We took nutrition classes; studied motivation and weight loss; worked with personal trainers and took exercise classes together; and learned life skills for ending dieting forever by instead choosing healthy living patterns.

It was during one of our class room experiences that I heard a fellow “dieter” express how free she felt. She was speaking in a halting voice, the way we do when we are holding back emotion.  The smile on her face was beaming. And I am pretty sure I saw her sit up a little taller when she uttered these words, ” I feel free. Food doesn’t control me. It’s  amazing!”


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