Skateboards and Skimboards

Plan B Skateboards is a skateboard manufacturing company and they are based in Irvine, California, United States.  This company is co-owned by professional skateboarders Danny Way and Colin McKay. They mainly manufacture and sell skateboard decks along with wheels, jeans, hooded jumpers, and jackets.  Plan B skateboards are well known and is an appreciated brand among many people. It has collected an overabundance of reviews, praises and appreciations on its brand-name. They have earned themselves a high level of following because of their services and expertise in what they do. The plan B skateboards give a good experience to their riders. Moreover, these provide more satisfaction in terms of value for money through their product-quality.

DB Skimboards are skimboard manufacturers who generally specialize in flatland skimboards and skateboards. DB Skimboards is a rider owned and operated skimboard manufacturer. The DB Skimboards are manufactured by the people who actually ride skimboards and skateboards, i.e., the riders themselves are the craftsmen behind these boards. It markets boards that are 100% in house-manufactured in the USA. They also manufacture customized skimboards and skateboards.


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