Sell Your Bed, Save Your Back – 5 Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock

You’d think that spending $2000 on a mattress with technology developed by NASA would guarantee better sleep and the end of back pain, but in both cases, science is on the side of a technology 500 years older; the hand-woven hammock. Here are 5 reasons sleeping in a bedroom hammock is great for you.

Eliminate Back Pain 
You’ve likely read countless articles about the back problems caused by ill-fit mattress. But here’s a headline you’ll never encounter: “Sleeping in Hammock Bad for Back.” A flimsy mattress will give you insufficient back support, and an overly firm one can put undue pressure on certain parts of your body; most notably your lower back and neck. A hand-woven hammock, however, is designed to stretch and flex in a way that conforms to your individual weight and shape, reducing problems with pressure points and supporting your back just the way it should be.

Fall Asleep Faster 
Scientists have done research comparing the way average people fall asleep in a still bed compared to one that gently rocks back and forth; just the way a hammock does. In every case the people who were rocked back and forth fell asleep faster than those in a rigid bed.

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