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What Is Speed Rope Good For?

When trying to make a decision on what type of exercise you should do, it’s important to stack up the benefits and weigh them against the possible draw backs. That way, you can be sure that you will get the very best results for your time, effort and sweat.

For instance, swimming is a great type of exercise but it does not load your bones so won’t strengthen your skeleton, is only really effective if you know how to swim properly and isn’t all that pleasant in the winter. You might not even live near a pool…

Then there is running. Running is very accessible but it means that you either need to head out in all weathers, take your chances with the traffic or limit yourself to running on a treadmill which, unless you’ve got one at your house, means you will need to join a fitness center.

Cycling is another good exercise alternative but weather, traffic, having to buy a bike and poor roads can make cycling for fitness a less than attractive proposition.

As excellent as running, swimming and cycling can be, you’ll find some irrefutable drawbacks which mean they might not have what you’re trying to find from a new exercise routine.

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Which Healthcare Services Do You Really Need?

Watching your health can be complicated. With the Individual Health Insurance Mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act kicking in you will have to think through your options. If you already have insurance, or are signing up with the Health Insurance Marketplace, some preventive services will be covered with no copay. But what do you really need to do to watch your health and catch big health issues?

If you opt out of mandatory health insurance or are deciding to go for catastrophic, high-deductible or “consumer-driven” care which provides only minimal visits per year and carries high deductibles, here are some tests you should try to squeeze into your healthcare budget:

1. Blood pressure screening – Home blood pressure cuffs are readily available so you can track this yourself.

2. C-reactive protein test – This protein can indicate the level of inflammation in the body and has been recognized as a useful adjunct to traditional cardiovascular tests like cholesterol and blood pressure.

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The 90 Second Fitness Solution

Posted By:- Renee Allert

Are you following a Fitness Training Program? No? Not enough time? Let me introduce you to a brilliant fitness strength training – The 90 Second Fitness Solution by Pete Cerqua.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Just 90 seconds and you are fit. The perfect quick fix we are all looking for. It is nearly that good (at least in my opinion).

But hold on, it does not mean that it is once of 90 seconds and you are fit for the rest of your life. How Does This Fitness Training Program Work?

The 90 Second Fitness Solution is basically very simple.

It is a strength training program working with larger groups of muscles (like “your whole body”) compared to individual/isolated muscles when doing for example weights training. And it focuses on isometric exercises (the joint angle and the muscle length do not change)holding your body in one position for up to 90 seconds.

For me one of the main reasons it works is that I don’t have any excuses anymore to not do it on a daily basis.

To start of you do two exercises (plank and wall sit) for up to 90 seconds, five days per week. That means a total of 15min pure workout time per week. Plus the rest time you will take in between the exercises.

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