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Benefits and Deficits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

After establishing that hormonal replacement therapy depends on two major factors, age and time, we are now establishing the benefits of using bioidentical hormones and synthetic ones. The article discusses this and more.

The hormone therapy for women Charlotte NC, constitutes of bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones. The bioidentical hormones can be defined as hormones with the same molecular structure as those present in our bodies. Signature Wellness provides bioidentical hormonal treatment, as we believe that they are gentler than the synthetics. The research has further supported the fact and therefore bioidentical hormones are being more proffered.

However, it is important to understand that hormonal therapy is not always right for any kind of women, irrespective of the therapy being synthetic or natural in nature. The treatment should be specified for the women undergoing the menopausal symptoms. Each patient should be reevaluated, which will help in partaking informed decisions about whether to begin or continue the treatment. It is important that women take in the minimal dosage of hormones as possible. Most practitioners recommend it. Women should also understand that HRT is not a source of youth and therefore should be taken only when needed. The risks and benefits are associated with the individual’s capability.

If some of us are wondering whether the benefits of HRT actually outweigh the risks, then we can consider the following questions:

• Is the age less than 60 years?
• Are we close to menopause and still having symptoms?
• Is there a history of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, liver diseases or ovarian cancer?
• Is quality of life severely affected by the symptoms?

When a doctor sits with a patient considering to undergo the treatment, it is important to check the age, the proximity to menopause, medical history and the quality of life. If wondering how the quality of life affects, research has shown that certain risks are associated by this. There are doctors who dismiss the same. Sometimes it is important to keep a check on the hormonal levels. Ultimately, it depends on the woman whether they want to undergo the treatment. The decision should be made after analyzing all the pros and cons. Study has shown that the risks associated with the HRT goes down for women whose age is less than 60 or less than ten years from their menopause. HRT is less risky for women who do not have any history of breast cancer, liver disease or endometrial cancer.