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Some Common Back Problems and Their Treatments Explained

With lifestyles changing and more and more jobs getting sitting position based, there are millions of people out there troubled with back pain. In the past few years, many technologically advances have taken place in this regard and this has led to arrival of several new and effective pain treatment options. Suffering from pain is a condition that can led to a complete deterioration of ones health and this is one big reason patients are advised to consult a pain specialist as soon as one encounters any ache or discomfort.

A spine surgeon is not only going to carry out a complete evaluation of the condition but would also suggest the treatment options that would go with this issue of pain. Back surgery is not the only option to go in with; one can opt in for several non-invasive treatments that promise to bring in safe and permanent results in the form of relief from pain. Gone are the days when pain problems were only treated with surgeries, with so many new techniques coming in, people can get their pain treated with a spine surgeon and get back to work from the very next day.

Effective & Safe Back Pain Treatments Explained

Effectiveness and safety are two results expected from any form of treatment and treatment is not aloof of this. Most of the patients dealing with the pain would like to go through a painless pain surgery as they would not appreciate the idea of lying on bed for days after the treatment. Some of the most preferred back pain treatments include:

Lumbar Discectomy: This back treatment is a minimally invasive spine surgery in which the spine surgeon is going to remove the damage, diseased or deformed discs. For anyone who feels pressure on the nerves, this Lumbar Discectomy treatmemt would work well.

Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion: This treatment is being provided by only the best spine surgeons as this is a complex process in which bone graft is used to encourage the growth of bones so that the spine health can be restored.

Physical Therapy: For the patients in the initial stages of back pain, this back pain treatment is going to work wonders. In this, the spine surgeon would advise the patient to opt in for massages, exercises and movements that would relax back muscles and give strength to the muscles surrounding the spine.